Zarinah El-Amin Naeem is the Founder of Enliven Your Soul, a global lifestyle and creative living company that educates, inspires and empowers women across the globe to live lives of prosperity, joy and happiness. Built around the idea that strong and happy women create strong and happy families and strong and happy communities, Zarinah uses a global approach which taps into world cultural traditions and experiences to help her clients tap into their true selves and create lives they love.  When asked the question, “what do you do,” Zarinah often jokes, “I am a mother, an anthropologist, an author, a mentor, a world traveler, a headwrapologist, an entrepreneur and a global presenter, can you tell I don’t believe in placing myself in a box!”  It’s that same mentality Zarinah shares with those she works with, helping them to redefine their lives outside of any one label, or any one box.  

Full Bio.

Zarinah El-Amin Naeem is a publisher, global presenter and cultural specialist from Detroit, Michigan. The founder of Enliven Your Soul, Niyah Press, and Beautifully Wrapped, Zarinah creates – and helps others to create – meaningful products and events that enliven, encourage, inspire and educate the community in which we live. In 2001, Zarinah made a bold decision after graduating from Howard University with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, to turn down a lucrative career in technology and move to Egypt to experience a new culture.
People thought she was crazy, especially since she had no family or support system there. However, it turned out to be one the best decisions ever. The spark was made and the year abroad placed Zarinah on a life-long pursuit of cultural awareness, tradition and love of humanity. From there, Zarinah went on to work in international development and became the Africa Program Coordinator for Life for Relief and Development, an international NGO. Based in Sierra Leone, West Africa, just a few years after the horrendous civil war ended, Zarinah was able to re-energize the local staff office and put policies into place to revamp and extend the reach of programming. But the “giving” was a two way street. Zarinah learned much, not only about the importance of sustainability, but about forgiveness, hope and the resilience of the human spirit. After returning home and marrying Halim Naeem, a psychologist, Zarinah attained a Masters in Anthropology and began working as a university specialist at both Western Michigan University and the University of Michigan. Always focused on culture, Zarinah’s role was to create innovative community and campus programming to spread love and respect between peoples of various cultures and eliminate racism. Zarinah’s current work is eclectic. Her time is split between helping women create lives of travel, joy and prosperity and teaching the global art of headwrapping through presentations and workshops called Beautifully Wrapped.