25 Tips Every International Traveler Should Know

Every traveler has their MUST DO’s.  Here are a few travel hacks I’ve picked up and learned from others that make my travel smooth:   Pack light!  Really, pack light and be conscious of bringing items that can be mixed and matched to have multiple outfits. Remember, most places you go will have access to nearly …

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My Moroccan Hammam Experience

So during the last few days of my trip to Morocco, I decided to get the Moroccan Hammam. The last time I was there I wasn’t able to experience it, but this time I was determined to get this treat. “You’ll just wear a tiny little bikini bottom and no top,” said Karimah. I wasn’t …

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Pros & Cons of Self-Publishing

You want to write a book. Basically you have 2 options: Submit your book idea and proposal to a publishing company, perhaps going through an agent. Self-Publish your baby, your book on your own (And actually a third choice and what my entire site advocates, is a middle ground where you use an expert like …

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